Whether you’re applying for a role in management, food preparation, or customer service, we’ll show you how to send your CV to KFC and how to make sure your cv is finger-lickin’ good !

Highlight the skills you know KFC is looking for

Put yourself in the KFC branch manager’s shoes. What does their day look like, and what kind of people do they need around them to make their lives easier? During the lunch and dinner ‘rush hour’, they need staff with the following qualities and skills:

  • Hard-working
  • Cool under pressure
  • Polite and courteous
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Excellent communication skills

Make sure you include these kinds of qualities on your CV or resume.

Keep it short

Remember that fast-food managers work in a fast-paced environment! They don’t have the time to wade through a 3- or 4-page CV that includes every little detail of your working experience, whether it’s actually relevant to them or not.

When sending your CV to KFC, ideally you want a one-page resume that tells the hiring manager only what they need to know.

Here’s a great example of the right and wrong way to format your CV for a fast-food chain like KFC, courtesy of resume builder platform.

Double-check KFC’s requirements in the job posting

If you’re applying in response to a job listing, re-read it carefully looking for any keywords or requirements the manager is looking for.

For example, if they specifically mention they need energetic individuals with great timekeeping and multitasking ability, make sure to include those skills on your job application. If they mention a point of sales system you’ve worked on before, make sure to include this high up the page.

How to Send Your CV to KFC

Make your application to KFC stand out

Hiring Managers in bigger cities often receive dozens (or even hundreds) of applications when a position becomes available. How are you going to ensure yours stands out from the rest? Want to know How to Send Your CV to KFC and wow the manager?

A lot of people still format their CVs in a very traditional – and let’s be honest, boring – way. Make your application different and exciting by making use of colour, and adding a photograph so the manager can put a smiling face to your name. By all means choose an interesting font for your headings, but always make sure the text on your CV is legible and easy to read.

If you’re applying online or through email, save your CV as a PDF so your formatting stays in place after they download it. Find out how to do that from a Word document or from Google Docs .

Important : If you have previous experience at a fast-food chain similar to KFC, point this out prominently on your application.

Ensure you’ve got the right contact details

Finally, putting a huge amount of time and effort into your CV for KFC only for it to end up with the wrong person would suck, right? Pick up the phone or pop into the branch to double-check you’ve got the right contact info. Addressing your application to the manager by name can also help your application stand out.

This is the basics so you know exactly How to Send Your CV to KFC.

One thing you can do today to get your application completed is use our professional resume templates.

Good luck!